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Capitol green and gold
Madison capitol building at night during the winter. Dome is lit with green and gold to support the Green Bay Packers in the 2011 Super Bowl
IW: Arboretum Stormwater #12
Oak trees in fall Runner, car on Arboretum Drive Hikers in woods Pine trees Maple trees in fall
IW: Arboretum Stormwater #13
11:00:59:00 Stormwater outfall at Manitou Dr. pouring water 11:01:59:18 House roof in rain 11:02:51:06 Drain in curb with traffic in...
IW: Arboretum Stormwater #14
New storm water pond 2
IW: Arboretum Stormwater #15
Seeding Stormwater Management Research Facility
UW-Madison Bascom Hall
Summer shots of Bascom Hall, Lincoln Statue, flags, Wisconsin banner.
UW-Madison Campus broll
Spring on University of Wisconsin-Madison campus; students walking up Bascom hill, mall, law building, Clarion Tower, Allen Centennial Gardens, Wisconsin Historical Society facade, clock in library...
IW Natural Burials #9
traditional cemetery and new prairie cemetery sign: Prairie Under Development close up of native flowers, black eyes susans, wildflowers, graves, shots of cemetery [last part of tape is from a...
IW: Natural Burials #7
(First 15 minutes is interview with Selena Fox); natural burial grounds, shots of trees blowing in the wind, grasses, woods, close up of tall grass tassels, sunny day, close up of berries; shots in...
IW: Hops #7
shots of hops vines in the field and blowing in the wind various shots of beer bottles in a cooler
IW Hops #6
Christina and Todd Molling's hop field; Mazomanie hop harvesting by hand, members of Gorst Valley Hops pulling hops off vines; harvesting the vines off the trellises
IW: Curtis Prairie #11
Bulldozers install Stormwater Pond 2 11:00:57:26 City of Madison rain gardens, Allen St.
IW: Curtis Prairie #10
Cherokee Marsh prairie restoration 10:21:21:04 (rare) White bottle gentian Yellow coneflower Wide shot 10:23:20:04 Curtis Prairie: wide...
IW: Curtis Prairie #5
Sidewalk in heavy rain, feet and cars pass through frame Curtis Prairie in rain with: Small white flowers Yellow coneflowers Cluster of...
IW: Curtis Prairie #1
Jules Eicher walking in Curtis Prairie Oak tree Joe Pye Weed (purple) Small yellow sunflowers Curtis Pond Echinacea (purple) White umbrelled flower Pond 2 Rehabilitation...

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